If You Feel:

✔ Overworked

✔ Underappreciated

✔ Like You Carry The World on Your Shoulders

✔ Like You Need a PERMANENT Confidence Boost

✔ Ambitious To Chase Your Dreams But Oblivious on Where To Start

✔ Like You Need a Big Sister Guiding Your Footsteps

✔ Like You HAVE To "Get It Right" Because You Know That You Carry The Torch For Others

✔ Like a Woman Who HATES To Waste Her Time or Money


... Then This Academy Was Built For YOU Sis!

What We Teach

  • Career Discovery & Development

    We help you discover the perfect marriage between your talents & passion to create a sustainable career trajectory!

  • Social Confidence Skills

    Become a social prowess by conquering social anxiety and developing a motivation mindset!

  • Black Girl Self Care & Self Esteem Life Hacks

    Face your demons and overcome self-defeating habits to be proud of the woman you are & who you're blossoming into!

  • Business Growth & Strategy

    We work with you in every aspect of your business - from idea to implementation to your first 5-figure month!

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads

    Discover the skill of mastering Facebook and Instagram algorithms and ads using the same hacks the gurus use!

  • Business & Life Organization

    Learn time management, delegation, executive decision-making and other transferrable skills you can apply anywhere!

  • Etiquette Education

    Timeless skills such as dining etiquette, professional dress & image, manners and emotional control never fade!

  • Servant Leadership Mindset Makeover

    Throughout your glow up journey you'll learn how to FIRST be in business to solve an issue & service your audience, then profit as a result

  • Business Funnels & Lead Generation

    You can't hope to scale your enterprise without a solid strategy - which MUST include an automated system.

  • Influencer Partnership Hacks

    Build your brand community by identifying which businesses compliment your mission the most - then make connections.

The Glow Get-Her School

Success Framework™

Is Where Your #GlowUp Will Come From.

Unlock The Matrix of Womanhood & Entrepreneurship No Matter Where You Are On Your Journey! 

Self Discovery


Pillar 1: Finding Your Purpose

We help you to pinpoint the perfect marriage between your skills and talent to create a purpose that you can build a sustainable business with.

Melanin Mindset


Pillar 2: Prepping Your Success

This pillar is where you'll be mentally prepared for all the twists and turns that come with owning a business. Develop critical self-motivational, goal-setting & organizational skills while owning what you bring to the table as a woman of color.



Pillar 3: Planting The Seed

Here, you get your elbows dirty with doing the research that can make or break your business. You'll dive into what vibes your business will bring, and craft a brand that will attract a tribe of loyal, PAYING followers!

Monetization & Strategy

Pillar 4: Nurturing Your Biz

Once all the tiring tech set-up is complete, you'll need to hone your entrepreneurial skills around which techniques are unique to your organization's success. Learn how to connect with like-minded communities to expand your brand reach and increase profit. 

Social & Self Confidence

Pillar 5: #Glowup Life Hacking

While you're busy building an empire, you can't forget about the most important contributor - YOU! Master the communication skills that will have you winning in business and personal relationships. You'll learn how to pay attention to your self care and enhance your self awareness to love & appreciate others more deeply - starting with Y.O.U :-)

Feminine Energy


Pillar 6: Superpower Practice

It's important to understand what leadership looks and feels like without abandoning your devine design. You'll be taking off your cape and putting on your crown to eliminate image management and replace it with authenticity & grace. You'll be relieved and empowered once you can lean into the ability to embrace the dynamic of your femininity - God's way!

Melanin Manners


Pillar 7: Royal Grooming

Yes, you'll be mastering the art of being the TOTAL PACKAGE! From table manners to internet etiquette, we have you covered! Learn how to walk, talk, and conduct yourself with poise in any social situation or setting. Some of our students are very surprised by the origin of etiquette! #blackroyalty - you'll have a different level of appreciation for your presence when you know about the grandeur of your past.

What Results Are Our Students Seeing?

After making just a few tweaks to my back end strategy, I made $2000 in one week thanks to Nani! Now I don't bring in less than $3000 a month and I haven't cracked 2000 followers yet!


I enrolled 3 months ago... got my business license & social media presence set up 2 months ago, set up my website & automations last month and got 95 sales so far! Come with it!! This school also helped me with goal-setting and minimizing burnout. Its the best investment I ever made on myself, which truly elevated my mindset and business.


Before enrolling I tried and failed 3 times at starting my fashion brand. I've made $2000 from IG DMs and now my followers, subscribers, and sales are up by 40%! I'm growing a sustainable brand, and that's priceless.



Y'all ain't ready for the new you! [PERIODT.]


In working with Nani to automate my business, I was struggling and had no clue on how to teach my holistic knowledge or what to charge for it. Before I finished creating my $400 course, I sold 2 seats for it! 


If you apply what you learn, you'll easily make your investment back in no time. It took me 2 months to get my first $5200 online, and I'm just getting started! On top of that I'm able to build my confidence while connecting with women who look like me and encourage me to achieve the impossible. 


Virtual Assistant

Pay-In-Full Bonus Includes

3, 1-Hour 1:1 Coaching Sessions With The Founder To Define Your Paying Audience, Set Up Facebook Ads Pixels, 2 Products and 1 Funnel!


The Glow Get-Her School

The Only 12-Month Program You Need To Become A More Confident Woman & A More Profitable Business Owner



Membership Includes:

  • Full Access To The Glow Get-Her Success Framework of Self Discovery, Tribe - Targeting, Monetization & Strategy, and Social & Self Confidence to provide the most holistic transformation throughout the journey of your womanhood. You need guidance, and we specialize in helping you to become the best version of yourself while creating the life you deserve!

  • Full Access To a 12-Week Interactive BizLady Startup Essentials Course designed to increase your social media following, brand awareness, and income by the end of the program. Read the testimonials below for past results!

  • A Video Vault of 100+ Tutorials & Class Recordings surrounding the 10 focus areas mentioned above :-)

  • 30+ Business & Productivity Worksheets, Cheat Sheets And Checklists designed to save time and energy on the difficult tasks of entrepreneurship, social & self confidence

  • Weekly Live Coaching With The Founder via Zoom Cloud Meetings on Wednesday evenings EST for valuable touching points, help, and actionable solutions on UNLIMITED career & confidence topics  

  • New Monthly Themed Workbook Delivered To Your Door + FREE Shipping designed to increase your self care, social prowess, conflict resolution, and change-making skills complete with daily mini-tasks to keep you on track and accountable throughout your glow up journey

  • Invitation  To Join Our Private Facebook Networking & Accountability Group that allows you to connect with other Glow Getters, celebrate each others' wins, get business inspo and access networking & partnership opportunities only reserved for current students in our community 

  • Text Message Access & Priority Notifications of Tuesday night Livestream classes, exclusive Glow Get-Her School updates & networking opportunities

  • Price Locked In And Will Never Increase while you remain enrolled with us!

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